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Celebrate Older Americans Month by Shopping Medicare Plans

An older man smiles under confetti as he celebrates Older Americans Month in May

May is Older Americans Month, a month in which we celebrate the lives and contributions of older Americans. Programs like Medicare and Medicaid ensure that older Americans can get healthcare when they need it the most. Whether you are an older American or you take care of one, it can be crucial that you or your loved one have the right Medicare coverage and are aware of the additional benefits available—and Older Americans Month is a great time to do just that.

What is Older Americans Month?

Older Americans Month was established in 1963 as a way to recognize the contributions of past and current older Americans to our country. At the time it was established, only 17 million Americans had reached the age of 65. The implementation of Older Americans Month helped pave the way for essential programs for older Americans such as Medicare and Medicaid. 

Led by the Administration for Community Living, the theme for Older Americans Month in 2021 is “Communities of Strength,” putting an emphasis on the power of connection and engagement in building strong communities. 

Older Americans Can Find the Care They Deserve with a Medicare Plan

Making sure older Americans have access to the healthcare they need is critical to their well-being. Health can also be one of the biggest expenses that older Americans face, so it’s important to have a Medicare plan that has the coverage they need at a price that works for their budget. With Original Medicare (Parts A and B) only covering 80% of healthcare costs, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Supplement insurance plans are a great way to safeguard against unexpected out-of-pocket costs. 

Ensure You Have the Right Medicare Coverage During Older Americans Month with SelectQuote

For older Americans, there are a variety of Medicare coverage options available outside of Original Medicare. When deciding what type of plan is right for you, it’s helpful to understand what’s included with each plan and to compare costs. At SelectQuote, we specialize in helping older Americans understand the ins and outs of Medicare and can compare your available options for coverage. We can ensure you’re getting all of the Medicare benefits available to you at a price that’s right for your budget.

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