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What is the Medicare Star Ratings System?

Understanding Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans star ratings is easy with the help of SelectQuote

The Medicare Star Ratings System measures how well Medicare plans—specifically Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)—perform. Medicare reviews the performance of plans on an annual basis and then determines new star ratings in the fall. Medicare star ratings range from one to five stars (one being the lowest, five being the highest) and are based on several categories, including customer service and quality of care.

5-Star Rating4-Star Rating3-Star Rating2-Star Rating1-Star Rating
ExcellentAbove AverageAverageBelow AveragePoor

It’s extremely beneficial to review your coverage each year during the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) to ensure you’re still getting all the benefits you deserve. In addition to coverage and costs, comparing star ratings on The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Part C and D Star Ratings sheet can help you get an idea of what plan might be suited for your needs.

How can I find out my plan’s star rating?

Finding your Medicare star rating is as easy as working with SelectQuote. We can help you learn more about your current plan’s rating, compare it to other plans offered in your area and figure out which might be the right fit for you. Medicare.gov’s Medicare Plan Finder can also help you find your plan’s star rating.

Difference Between Medicare Advantage Star Rating & Prescription Drug Plan Star Ratings

Medicare Advantage star ratings and star ratings for Medicare Part D plans are determined by different factors. Learn more about how Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans are rated below.

Medicare Advantage Star Rating

Medicare Advantage Plans are rated on how well they perform in the following five categories:

  1. Staying healthy via screenings, tests and vaccines
  2. Managing chronic (long-term) conditions
  3. Plan responsiveness and care
  4. Handling of member complaints, problems getting services and if beneficiaries choose to leave the plan
  5. Health plan customer service

Medicare Part D Star Rating

Prescription Drug Plans are rated on how well they perform in the following four categories:

  1. Drug plan customer service
  2. Member complaints, problems getting services and choosing to leave the plan
  3. Member experience with the drug plan
  4. Drug pricing and patient safety

Medicare Star Ratings Are Not Everything

While Medicare star ratings can be a good indicator of a solid plan, that doesn’t always mean the highest rated Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan is the right option for you. Not all plans are included in every state—some states only offer plans up to a 3-star rating—so it’s important to consider all of your available options when determining what Medicare plan is right for your needs. 

SelectQuote Can Help Find a Medicare Plan Fit For Your Needs

At SelectQuote, we can help you evaluate your current Medicare coverage and look at other options available to you to ensure you’re getting all of the benefits you need and deserve. Some of the trusted carriers we work with could have plans available to you with a Medicare 5-star rating. Let us help you compare plans to find the coverage that’s right for you.

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