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Focus on Fitness in 2021 with Medicare SilverSneakers

An older woman uses her SilverSneakers and Medicare plan benefits to focus on her fitness goals in 2021

A new year often reminds us to get back on track with our fitness goals. Staying active is important for all ages, but the Medicare SilverSneakers program, also known as Silver&Fit, makes it easier for older adults to maintain an active lifestyle. Learn how the Medicare SilverSneakers program can help you focus on your health this year. 

What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a fitness program offered to Medicare beneficiaries that provides access to gyms and fitness classes. The program is typically offered by both Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans. If your Medicare plan includes SilverSneakers, you should have basic membership access to any gym participating in the SilverSneakers network. You should also have access to fitness classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels at no additional cost. 

Exercise From the Comfort of Your Own Home

In addition to fitness center access, the SilverSneakers program offers online workouts that you can watch at any time from the comfort of your own home, including live classes Monday through Friday on Facebook Live and Youtube. The online workouts include a variety of categories such as cardio, strength, dance, yoga, pilates, meditation and cycling. 

You also have the option to get an at-home fitness kit, which includes exercise equipment. Having access to a variety of workouts as well as equipment makes it easier to keep up with an active lifestyle, even if you can’t get to the gym.

Exercise & Fitness Tips for Seniors & Medicare Advantage Plan Beneficiaries

  1. Staying active can help boost your energy, strengthen bones and muscles, protect your heart, and manage symptoms of any illness or pain.
  2. The SilverSneakers program makes it easier for older adults to maintain a consistent fitness routine, providing a variety of exercises for all interests and fitness levels.
  3. SilverSneakers also provides health education and well-being seminars.

Stay Active and Proactive by Comparing Medicare Plans with SelectQuote

Along with maintaining an active lifestyle, it’s important to keep up with your Medicare coverage. At SelectQuote, we can make sure you’re getting the benefits you deserve. If you’re interested in enrolling in a Medicare plan with the SilverSneakers program, we work with some of the most trusted insurance carriers and can find you a plan that fits your needs.

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