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Why You Should Consider Mail Order For Your Prescription Drugs

A Medicare beneficiary receives their mail order prescription drug package

Whether you are wanting to avoid a trip to the pharmacy or looking to save some money on your Medicare Prescription Drug plan, you may want to consider getting your prescriptions through mail order which can be a great option for many Medicare beneficiaries. Here are a few things to know about mail order prescriptions. 

Advantages to Mail Order Prescriptions

The main advantage of mail order prescriptions is the convenience of having your medications shipped straight to you, but the potential of lower-cost options is also a strong perk. With mail order prescriptions, you can also order a 90-day supply, making it a good option for those with conditions that require long-term maintenance medication. 

Setbacks to Consider About Mail Order Pharmacies

Planning ahead is often required for having your prescriptions ordered by mail, and while it can be ideal for medications used on an ongoing basis, it’s not ideal for those you may need immediately. 

Additionally, savings aren’t guaranteed. It’s important to check the local pharmacies in your area and compare prescription drug prices when making a decision. 

Medicare Part D May Cover Your Mail Order Drugs

Many Medicare Part D, and some Medicare Advantage plans, offer access to mail order prescription services. A Medicare Part D plan can be purchased as a stand-alone plan to supplement Medicare Part A and Part B or can accompany a Medicare Supplement plan. 

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