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Does Medicare cover flu shots?

Learn more about your flu shot coverage options with Medicare

Under Original Medicare, Part B covers 100% of the costs of seasonal flu shots once a year. As long as you are eligible for and enrolled in Medicare Part B, your flu shot will be covered. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, the flu shot is still covered, but you may be required to receive the shot within the plan’s network of providers. 

Medicare Part A Coverage (Hospital Insurance)

Medicare Part A covers most inpatient hospitals, skilled nursing homes, home health and hospice care. 

Medicare Part B Coverage (Medical Insurance)

Medicare Part B covers routine doctor visits, including specialists to treat your medical conditions. It also covers preventative services, which is healthcare you receive to prevent illnesses, like getting a flu shot. 

Why Medicare beneficiaries should consider getting a flu shot.

Flu shots can be essential to protect your health, especially for those 65 and older. Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent catching the seasonal flu. 

Make sure you have the right Medicare coverage for you. 

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