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3 Tips for Communicating with Your Doctor

As we age, managing multiple health problems or chronic conditions can be a lot to keep track of. From various treatments and their side effects to your Medicare coverage, it’s helpful to be prepared going into doctor appointments. Here are three helpful tips for communicating with your doctor. 

1. Prepare for your appointment

Before you even step into your doctor’s office, have a list of topics and questions you’d like to discuss during the appointment. From the side effects of a certain prescription to the pain in your shoulder, write down everything you want to discuss–even if you think you’ll remember. It’s also important to not minimize any symptoms you have to prevent your doctor from jumping to conclusions. Going down the list during the appointment will make sure that you don’t forget anything you wanted to ask. 

2. Take notes during your appointment

Taking notes during your appointment will be helpful for after your visit but also towards the end to help you ask any other questions you may have about the topics that were discussed. It’s also important to understand the cost of a proposed treatment and how it will work with your insurance. Your doctor should be able to provide you with a summary of your visit.

3. Ask your doctor to explain further

If your doctor says something you don’t understand, let them know that you don’t understand and ask them to explain in different terms. Take the time to question any assumptions behind proposed treatments. It’s part of the doctor’s job to make sure you understand the care you need so that you can follow through with their instructions and treatments accurately. 

SelectQuote Can Answer Your Medicare Coverage Questions

It’s easy to be overwhelmed during your doctor’s appointment, whether it’s making sure your concerns are heard or asking questions about a proposed treatment. One thing that SelectQuote can help you feel confident in before your doctor’s appointment is your Medicare coverage. We’ll listen to your healthcare needs and make sure you have the right coverage for you and your budget.

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